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The app

Its clear and friendly interface makes the HearUs app appropriate for each smartphone user, regardless of their age and disability level.

How does itwork

You can have a conversation by pressing the right preset with a message (there are nearly 1000 of those) or entering any phrase; the app will convert any text to speech, and will read it out loud from your mobile device.

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The app uses Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) in a synchronised way.

It makes it possible for everyone to communicate effectively and accurately on a daily basis. Thanks to the app the user is able to communicate their needs and perform not only simple chores, such as doing shopping, but also more complex tasks, such as making appointments at government offices. Nearly 100 categories and subcategories covering daily life situations are arranged into simple, easily readable buttons. They are presented with icons, thanks to which people with varying disability levels can easily choose the activity or message they need.

After pressing a button, the selected message will be played from the speaker of the user`s telephone or other mobile device. After the interlocutor replies, the user can respond by entering the answer via the function “Say something”, or they can choose the simple “yes/no” answer, or use another button.

HearUs enables unrestricted communication between a mute person and a carer, a doctor, a bus driver or any other person they meet. In addition to everyday life situations, such as expressing the need to use the bathroom, the app contains all important functions, such as reading out the list of received medications and informing a relative or a friend of an emergency.

selected functions


frequently used expressions available at your fingertips

Say something

you can enter any text to have it converted to speech


instant answer available with just one tap

Call help

notifies your relatives or friends of any emergencies, while providing your current location

Information about the user

plays information about the user, such as your personal data, health problems, received medications


enables you to save frequently used messages

Nearly 1000

messages saved under presets, divided into the following main categories:Ceveryday life, health, official matters, including visits to the outpatient clinic, hospital, bank, post office, doctor`s office, conversations with the carer, bus or taxi driver, and shopping.
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The HearUs app

is available from GooglePlay and AppStore

HearUs is an app for people with speech impairments. It uses Augmentative and Alternative Communication methods (AAC), in a synchronised way.
(AAC - Augmentative and Alternative Communication).

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